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This is your chance to get Kingdom: Classic For Free. Humble Bundle is offering a free game for as long as their supplies last (or until November 9, 2020 at 10:00:00 AM PST). To make it even better, all they want in exchange for the Humble Freebie is for you to subscribe to the Humble Bundle Newsletter for free. You will be able to redeem your game right after this process!

Go ahead and get Kingdom: Classic For Free!

You might be asking yourselves, why on earth would Humble Bundle give away free games? Well, this platform is working out deals with the game developers, in the form of investing to support them. Therefore, with those deals, Humble Bundle is able to give us Humble Freebies every now and then!

About the Kingdom: Classic Humble Freebie

As you may have guessed from the title, this is the classic version of Kingdom, developed by Nojo and Licorice, with Raw Fury as the publisher.

It is a strategy simulation game, very minimalistic but modern at the same time, all done with the great touch of a pixel art aesthetic. You will need to conquer lands, defend yourself and keep expanding your domain. For that, of course, you will need to manage your resources properly and make your decisions accordingly.

Furthermore, you will be the king/queen of your kingdom. Your main tasks will be sustaining your kingdom, protecting it during the night from the creatures coming for your coins and crown and explore as many areas as possible.

A very interesting feature of this game is that as the king/queen, you can choose to toss gold to peasants. In exchange, they will offer you their loyalty and help you build your kingdom up.

Overall, this is a game that gives off a simplicity vibe, when in fact, it is not that simple. You will need to come up with different strategies and learn which one suits each situation best so that you can manage your kingdom properly!

Why should you get Kingdom: Classic for free now?

When it comes to operating systems compatibility, Kingdom: Classic has some great news coming your way. This game is compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Steam as well! Therefore, it is 100% OS friendly, so that you can enjoy it on any device!

Another important note is the fact that this game received Very Positive ratings from the Steam Community. So, hurry up and get this freebie on Humble Bundle before the supplies go out! In case they won’t run out, you will have time until November 9, 2020 at 10:00:00 AM PST to claim it for free!

Last but not least, the sale price for Kingdom: Classic is €4.99, and now you can have it for free! Click this link and grab this amazing game! You will definitely not be disappointed! After all, it’s free, so what is there for you to lose?

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