Beyond Infinity Bundle by IndieGala

In case you were looking for a sign that it is about time you updates your games library, the Beyond Infinity Bundle by IndieGala is it! Get some fresh cool games from IndieGala with this new bundle! You will find 6 games for the very low cost of $4.99 or more!

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Great games and a low price, all in one place!

The Beyond Infinity Bundle contains some awesome games ready to grab and play at any moment! All of them were recently released, between 2019 and 2020, therefore they will definitely freshen up your collection. Moreover, they would make a great addition and will suit your needs! How do we know that? Well, based on the reviews given by our fellow gamers. Therefore, these games have received positive and up feedback from the Steam community! Given that, they are definitely worth a try.

Moreover, we believe it’s also fit to mention that the Beyond Infinity Bundle highlights Crescent Moon Games as the publisher for half of the games! Among the other publishers you will find GameTomo Co., Biba Dev and Hamumu Games Inc.

There is nothing for you to lose, you can only gain from this deal! Given the low price of $4.99 and the reviews from the Steam community, this bundle is a pretty safe bet. Without further ado, the games you will receive are as follows:

  • Subdivision Infinity DX
  • Robot Wants It All
  • Beyond This Side
  • Ballistic Craft
  • Evil Ritual – Horror Escape

Looking at the game tags, you will see a pretty good mixture of different genres. Therefore, you will see tags such as Action, Adventure and Puzzle, leading up to StoryRich, PvP, Survival and Horror! So mix it up and give these games a try. The more diversity in tags and genres, the more fun you will have!

Another mention would be regarding the trading cards. Unfortunately, none of the games included in this bundle are offering Steam trading cards. But don’t let that stop you from trying these titles out! Plus, all of the games are Windows compatible, and one of them is also playable for Linux operated devices. So get this great deal right now, only at IndieGala!

Final mentions and conclusions regarding the Beyond Infinity Bundle by IndieGala

IndieGala never failed to stand and deliver us awesome indie games! As we previously mentioned, the Steam community gave these games positive feedback, therefore they’re worth trying out! Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite among the Beyond Infinity Bundle games! After all, you’ve got nothing to lose with such a good deal. But as it is with all deals, this bundle is only available for a certain amount of time.

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Last but not least, your purchase will be supporting the indie game developers who deliver us these amazing games! You can also support Bundle Scan by using the links in this article to make your purchase! Thank you very much for doing so!

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