Humble Choice simplified: One Plan to Own Them All!

Shoutout to the Humble Choice members, including those of you who are not Humble members just yet! Get ready for Humble Choice simplified, a new and improved version of the subscription, based on the suggestions made by the Humble community! Your requests were heard and Humble Bundle has put the work in to deliver you just what you asked for: a simple, yet valuable plan, having the best games as the main focal point for every monthly rotation. So get ready for a brand new version of the Humble Choice, which will be up and running starting with February Choice 2022!

What exactly does Humble Choice simplified imply?

Just as stated by the community, the main purpose is to offer the subscribers an improved and simple alternative to the usual Humble Choice. There will be some new perks that you should keep an eye out for, along with the brand new way to play lots of games whenever you see fit through the new Humble app for Windows, which will go by the name of Humble Games Collection! If you would like to learn more about this exciting new feature, you can do so by checking out our article regarding the Humble Games Collection right here!

Moreover, we will dig in even deeper and see what else is in store from the Humble Choice simplified! You won’t have to bother with picking out of 3 different plans anymore, as starting with the 1st of February 2022, there will be just one plan set in place, which will grant you all the amazing games from the monthly rotation! As the cost is also a very important part of this, don’t worry, Humble Bundle is still giving you the usual incredible deal, as you will only have to pay $11.99 USD/month or $129/annually for it! It’s a small price to pay considering all the value you will be getting from this subscription!

Therefore, you will no longer be limited when it comes to the amount of games that you can lock in from every rotation, as all of them will be yours to keep by default! Moreover, keep in mind that the number of games might not be the same on a monthly basis and it may vary. That does not mean that you’ll be getting less value from it though, so do not be discouraged, as Humble Bundle will make sure that you will be getting a lot more than what you’re paying for!

There’s even more better news for active Humble members! By joining Humble Choice, you will also be saving money when it comes to the Humble Store! The discounts you will be benefiting from will keep getting better and better the longer you are an active Humble Choice subscriber, reaching up to 20% off on eligible purchases. However, the discounts are reset back to the starting point if you decide to skip on a month or if you cancel your subscription plan. If you already are an active Choice member, you will kick off the next month right at the 20% off discount and it will stay there as long as you keep being an active member!

Final mentions and notes regarding the new Humble Choice

As you can see, the new year has a very promising start when it comes to Humble Bundle! All the changes and improvements are made to benefit their subscribers, so that you get the most out of each month! An important mention is that if you already are a Humble Choice member on any plan, you will automatically be switched over to the Humble Choice simplified plan when February’s game rotation is revealed. therefore, you don’t have to do anything other than kick back, relax, and wait for the exciting stuff that are coming your way starting the 1st of February 2022!

Lastly, not everything about the Humble Choice has changed though. As per usual, you are free to skip on a month or cancel your subscription plan altogether whenever you see fit. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about that either, as it’s completely your call how things will be playing out. Moreover, 5% of the payment for your membership will still be redirected towards the featured charity chosen for each month, so you will still be supporting worthwhile charity causes along with getting your monthly rotation of amazing games!

If you still have questions regarding the upcoming Humble Choice simplified, you can go ahead to Humble Bundle’s FAQ page by clicking here. There you will find answers in regards to every aspect concerning the changes that will be made to their membership plan!

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