Humble Choice November 2022

It’s the most wonderful time of the month at Humble Bundle! Humble Choice November 2022 and yet another incredible rotation of games have landed to freshen up your library and add tons of value to it. Countless hours of entertainment are guaranteed! There is a selection of 8 games that you will get to keep and play forever. We don’t even have to mention how much money you will end up saving for these titles! Rest assured, as it is guaranteed that you get a lot more than what you’re paying for by being a Humble Choice subscriber!

Don’t miss out on this month’s incredible rotation and become a subscriber now!

What games are on this month’s rotation?

As per usual, there’s no better way to kick off this month than with a fresh selection of games, brought by no one other than Humble Bundle! From this one you will receive 8 games to step up your library, which is more than enough to keep you busy until the next rotation arrives. All these titles can be yours to keep and play forever, whenever you see fit. Spending too much money will also not be an issue, as you will get a lot more value back compared to how much you will be investing on a monthly or annual basis! We will also cover the payment part of the subscription later on in this article.

There’s no point in waiting any longer, so let’s go ahead and roll the credits for the exciting part of the article! It’s time to uncover what the Humble Choice November 2022 rotation has in store for you! You can lock in some titles that have received very positive ratings from the Steam community, while enjoying the best price you could ever ask for! You wouldn’t want to miss out on the following titles:

⦁ Hell Let Loose
⦁ Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning – FATE Edition
⦁ Shadow Tactics: Aiko’s Choice
⦁ Roboquest
⦁ Eldest Souls
⦁ UnMetal
⦁ Raji: An Ancient Epic
⦁ Morbid: The Seven Acolytes

We definitely have to also cover an aspect as important as the system compatibilities. All items enlisted above are compatible with Windows operating systems only, so make sure you keep that in mind!

The Subscription plan and this month’s price offer!

Prepare for some epic gaming sessions and keep yourself entertained with the amazing games brought by Humble Choice November 2022! Judging by the contents that we just looked at, you can safely assume that this is an absolutely amazing deal. And along with those games, there’s a lot more in store for you, so keep going and pay attention to all the perks and benefits you get by becoming a Humble Choice subscriber during this month!

In case you were looking for something new to play, but couldn’t decide on something, you arrived just at the right place! Humble Bundle is delivering you a fresh collection of games on a monthly basis, so that you don’t have to worry about finding a new source of entertainment! There is only one plan to own them all, and you are getting great value comparing to the price that you have to pay. Not to worry, you will always be getting yourself a lot more than the amount you will be spending with Humble Choice!

Moreover, by subscribing you will automatically gain access to The Vault and the Humble Games Collection, where you can download and play tons of other indie games! Also, the contents are being updated every month, therefore it is an ever growing collection of titles that are all ready for you to give them a try. Finally, keep in mind that the access to The Vault and the Humble Games Collection is done through the Humble App! An important mention is that the Humble App is only available for Windows operated devices.

Without further ado, the Humble Choice November 2022 Subscription plan and its perks are as follows:

Monthly Subscription Plan (€9.99/mo)$7 for the first month if you subscribe during November 2022
⦁ Get games every month
⦁ Keep your games for life
⦁ Free access to the Humble Games Collection and The Vault
⦁ Expert-curated selection
⦁ Give to charity every month
⦁ Store discount rewards – The discount value increases more each more for as long as you are an active Humble Choice member

Moreover, if you prefer to do so, you also have the option of opting for an annual subscription. You will save even more money with this payment method, as it costs €109/year (only $89 USD this month using code HOLIDAY22) ! If you want to learn more about this, check the Humble Choice page on Humble Bundle for more information. What are you still waiting for? Become a Humble Choice subscriber right now and lock in all the amazing games that this month has to offer!

Final mentions for Humble Choice November 2022

There’s no such thing as owning too many games, so keep them coming! Humble Bundle is once again making sure that you are getting your dose of monthly fun, while also getting the best deal out of it! The curators are always making sure that you are getting more than your money’s worth from each rotation of games, regardless from how many titles you will be receiving! So rest assured, with Humble Bundle you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, as you can cancel or pause your subscription at any given time!

Lastly, as any other purchase from this platform, your subscription will also come in support of charity! That is ensured by Humble Bundle’s continuous work with thousands of charity foundations they choose to support. Also, different bundles or games feature different charities, or you can pick your own from their database. For Humble Choice November 2022 you will show support towards charity:water!

You can be the happy owner of all these amazing games and perks right now! We have been using all kinds of services from Humble Bundle for a very long time, from bundles to game deals, going up to the Humble Choice, and we are more than happy about this decision. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about The Vault, the Humble Games Collection or the Humble App, make sure you check out our article by clicking here! So don’t wait any longer, start your journey as a Humble Community member and make the most out of everything that is offered!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip. By using the links in this article to make purchases from Humble Bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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