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After serving us the TROY freebie on a silver platter back in August, Epic Games has returned with more amazing offers! In this article we will focus on the one and only, Watch Dogs 2.

You can grab Watch Dogs 2 for free until the 24th of September!

In case you haven’t heard of this title before (even though that’s very unlikely), Watch Dogs 2 is a fan-favorite by Ubisoft Entertainment. It has staggering graphics and a rich storyline that will get you addicted in no time! The game was released back in 2016 and has received extremely positive feedback over the time.

In this action packed game, you will be in the role of Marcus, a hacker from the San Francisco Bay Area. You will join a group of hackers, and the gameplay will lead you to the epic goal: taking down an operating system that is used to manipulate and control the citizens.

Between missions filled with breathtaking action, you will be able to play in open-world mode. Therefore, the possibilities for you to explore are endless! You can hack into basically almost anything and take control of cameras, devices, any sort of item that requires technology. This game has the GTA vibes we all love, but with a cyber twist. You get to do all the casual stuff you want, but you can also go around the city hacking into any possible device. For the most part, you will be under the radar, so this is a pretty unique approach for an action game.

Interested to learn more about this amazing deal?

Providing equally amazing value, Epic Games has prepared 4 special offers for Watch Dogs 2. Of course, the freebie is the highlight of this deal, but you may find interest in the other offers as well.

First, the Standard Edition (the base game) is completely FREE! For a limited time, of course, so hurry and grab yours now. The normal sale price goes up to €60, therefore you will get yourself the best deal there is! Click this link and get your freebie right now!

Next up, Epic Games has prepared a special offer for the Deluxe Edition. This one includes the base game, plus The Deluxe Pack, which contains 2 personalization packs. Saving 80% off, you can now grab it for only €13.99!

Let’s not forget about the Gold Edition. This is the closest to “all inclusive” as you can get! For only €19.99, you will get all the cool stuff from the Deluxe Pack, but throwing The Season Pass into the mix. The season pass is basically additional content, more customization items ranging from outfits to vehicles and more. Also, the pass includes some new co-op difficulty modes. So this is an amazing deal, given the fact that the normal sale price is €99.99!

Last but not least, you can also purchase the Season Pass for only €7.99! Get yourself all the extra content you could wish for and explore all the great stuff this game has to offer!

In conclusion, make sure you grab Watch Dogs 2 for FREE!

We don’t think there is any need for more convincing on this deal. There is no better offer than “free” or “80% off” when it comes to amazing games. Also, we suggest you keep a close eye on Epic Games, they tend to drop these kinds of dream deals every now and then. So make sure you’re up to speed with things!

As we previously mentioned, this is a limited time sale. It will expire on 9/24/2020 at 6PM sharp. So, don’t wait any longer and secure your freebie right now by clicking here! We highly recommend giving the other offers a try too, since the price is historically low!

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Lastly, we invite you to check out the gameplay trailer and see for yourself what this game has prepared for you!

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