Legendary Land Bundle by IndieGala

Back at it again with Legendary Land Bundle by IndieGala consisting of awesome Steam games for you to try out! Become legendary and travel to mysterious lands with these games. You can now get these 6 Steam games for only $3.99 or more! So don’t wait any longer and try these games out!

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As mentioned above, Legendary Land Bundle by IndieGala consists of 6 Steam redeemable games. These games were released recent for the most part, between 2020 and 2018. Half of the games, given the recent release, didn’t manage to work up a rating just yet. On the other hand, games that did receive a rating managed to gain Positive ratings from the Steam community! These games will surely keep you entertained, so why not give them a try?

Great games and great offers! For as little as $3.99 you can grab these titles that will be yours to keep and play whenever. It’s completely up to you if you would prefer to pay more for this bundle than the set price! It will only help the platform and developers further, and your support is very much appreciated. Without further ado, the titles you will receive are:

  • MineRalph
  • Magical Monster Land
  • The Legend of Arcadieu 2
  • Hanapon Princess
  • Space Love Delta

Furthermore we will take a quick look at the game tags. Browsing through you will see a lot of Action, Simulation, Strategy and Casual. The genres are pretty consistent, including 3 games tagged as Visual Novels. In case any of these interest you, make sure you give them a try! We can guarantee they would all make a great addition to your Steam games collection!

Furthermore, except for one of them, the games included in this bundle don’t have any Steam trading cards to offer. They are still very much worth giving a try though! Moreover, all of these games are Windows compatible, with two of them being available for Mac OS and Linux as well. Another important note would be that half of the games require a 64bit Windows in order to play.

Don’t miss out on Legendary Land Bundle by IndieGala!

These titles are all here and ready for you to give them a go! Just looking at the price makes a compelling point as to why Legendary Land Bundle by IndieGala is worth it. You will not only get to try out great games, but you will also save a lot of money in the process. It’s about time you updated your Steam Library, so why not do it now? There’s no better time than the present.

Surf through different genres and upgrade your games collection!

Last but not least, your purchase will be supporting the indie game developers who deliver us these amazing games! You can also support Bundle Scan by using the links in this article to make your purchase! Thank you very much for doing so!

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