Humble Software Bundle: Learn Unity Game Development Bundle

Develop your very first game in no time! The Learn Unity Game Development Bundle has some powerful assets and insight to give you. With the help of these tools, you will get a very good understanding of absolutely necessary concepts, which will get you one step closer to getting your game up and working! If this sparks an interest to you, then definitely go ahead and cash in this deal, you will not regret it!

Gaining knowledge and developing a game was never easier!

Make your dream game come to life with these items!

Who doesn’t love an incredible deal with just as incredible items? The Learn Unity Game Development Bundle has got you covered! As the title suggests, the deal consists of 13 courses and assets that will help you make your ideas become a reality using Unity. It doesn’t matter if you do have prior knowledge or not, you will get the hang of things in no time with these 3 tiers! The best part is that you also get to choose how much you will end up paying for these items, since each tier comes with its individual price range!

Let’s quit dragging it on and dive right in with the contents! The kick off price is the bare minimum of €1 for the first 3 items of this deal:

⦁ Unity UIToolkit for Editor Scripting Introduction Course
⦁ Get Git Smart Course: Learn Git in Unity, SourceTree, GitHub
⦁ RPG 2D Art Asset Pack

The deal is only getting better, so keep going with the second tier! For this one to be available, you need to pay more than the average – at the time of writing – of €20.89, in order to receive 3 more assets:

⦁ Game Dev Skill Builder (Unity) – Season 1
⦁ Data Oriented Tech Stack Introduction Course
⦁ Programming Patterns Introduction Course

As all good things do, the Learn Unity Game Development Bundle has come to an end. But make sure you also check out this final tier and grab all the items that it has to offer! Therefore, for the cost of €21.62 or more, you will receive all previously enlisted contents, plus the following 7 items:

⦁ Ultimate SFX Bundle by Sidearm Studios
⦁ Ultimate Music Bundle by Sidearm Studios
⦁ Game Dev Skill Builder (Unity) – Season 2
⦁ Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D Course
⦁ Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D Course
⦁ Unity Mobile C# Developer Course
⦁ Unity Multiplayer Course: Intermediate C# Coding & Networking

Learn how to develop your game easier than ever with the Learn Unity Game Development Bundle!

This deal is your chance to no longer be just a gamer! Thanks to the Learn Unity Game Development Bundle, you can now also become a creator! It will be very much worth it when you will get to look at the end product, and proudly claim that you are the one who created it! Bring your ideas to life and you might even surprise yourself with the outcome thanks to these assets. Who knows, maybe your game will get to be featured in one of these bundles some day! So go ahead and check out the Learn Unity Game Development Bundle and other amazing deals, only at Humble Bundle.

Most importantly, while acquiring a new skill and creating something out of nothing, you will also be able to give a helping hand to charity! That is possible as Humble Bundle has partnered up with thousands of charities that they support with each purchase from their platform. Upon purchasing this bundle, you will be showing your support towards the Women Who Code foundation!

Bring your altruistic nature into the spotlight while getting your incredible assets!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip. By using the links in this article to make purchases from Humble Bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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