Humble Software Bundle: Unity Tools 2022

Grabbing the Unity Tools 2022 bundle means getting a helping hand on building your next game. This massive bundle of versatile tools for Unity features 25 utilities, systems and game assets for you to improve your game design and development speed and quality. The game assets and the game development software in this bundle are perfect for your next RPG, top-down shooter, sci-fi mech sim, or whatever else you want to build.

Get your set of Unity Tools before the time runs out!

Speed up development and design with the ultimate Unity game creator’s kit

The Unity Tools 2022 bundle has items with a normal total value of €1451+. In order to get your hands on the first 3 items in this bundle as well as a 10% off Coupon on the Asset Store you will have to pay at least €1:

  • RPG Cameras & Controllers
  • Modular Motion
  • Bones Stimulator
  • Asset Store 10% off Coupon

The second tier, made of 6 items, will be yours when you decide to spend at least the value of the average purchase price – last know value is €29.57:

  • Blocks Engine 2
  • Train Controller (Railroad System) ULTIMATE COLLECTION
  • Broccoli Tree Creator
  • Performance Tools
  • True Shadow – UI Soft Shadow and Glow
  • Archimatix Pro

To own the whole Unity Tools 2022 bundle you only need to increase the contribution by less than €1 compared to the previous tier. Pay €30.22 or more to also unlock:

  • TopDown Engine
  • Magic Light Probes
  • Prefab World Builder
  • UniStorm – Volumetric Clouds, Sky, Modular Weather, and Cloud Shadows
  • Smart Lighting 2D
  • Storyteller
  • DestroyIt – Destruction System
  • Fullscreen Editor
  • Better UI
  • FluXY – 2.5D fluid simulator
  • EndlessBook
  • Script Inspector 3
  • Dialogue System for Unity
  • CCG Kit
  • Very Animation
  • Mech Combat Kit

Develop your next game with amazing tools and contribute to charity

In addition to getting some amazing Unity Tools, by purchasing this bundle you will be supporting charity! The charity featured in this bundle is Gameheads. Therefore, this purchase will be a good investment from multiple points of view. So hurry up, grab this deal and perform an act of kindness, only at Humble Bundle!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities, or the Humble Tip. By using this link to buy this bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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