Humble Book Bundle: Raspberry Pi Press Gaming

In case you are familiar with Humble Bundle, you know that the Raspberry Pi Press Gaming Bundle isn’t their first team up with Raspberry Pi Press. They are turning great bundles at awesome prices into a habit. With this bundle, you will learn everything about gaming, game design and useful tips about getting the best out of your PC!

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This bundle has many great things prepared for you!

Despite the fact that there are only 3 tiers, the bundle is packed with amazing books worth over $200! You will get to choose up to which price you want to go! No hard feelings, no regrets for overpaying. You pay as much as you like for the amazing stuff that will get you on the path to creating your very own games! Even more, learn how to customize your PC for the best prices.

Now that we caught your attention, we will look at the contents. For the very first items of the bundle, you have to pay a bare minimum of €0.83! No, it’s not a typo, it’s the actual price. The titles included in the first tier are:

  • Make Games with Python
  • Conquered: How indie games dominated the decade: Wireframe #30
  • System Shock: Nightdive’s remake goes through the Looking Glass: Wireframe #31
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps: Gaming’s most gorgeous platformer returns: Wireframe #32
  • The Best Upgrades for Less Than PS100: Custom PC #194
  • Mini Marvels: Build a Tiny 12-Core Gaming PC Without Sacrificing Speed: Custom PC #195
  • PC Building Masterclass: Full Step-By-Step Guide: Custom PC #196
  • All the Cores: Custom PC #197

Upon paying €6.67 you will unlock the second tier as well. Get ready for more great stuff such as:

  • 15% Off Selected Subscriptions
  • Retro Gaming with Raspberry Pi
  • Shovel Knight Dig: Yacht Club’s armored hero goes rogue: Wireframe #33
  • Infinity War: Epic Space battles, grand strategy, and ruthless betrayals in Starborne: Wireframe #34
  • Double Strike: Young Souls: The brawler with attitude to spare: Wireframe #35
  • Hounded Out: Two canine heads are better than one in PHOGS!: Wireframe #36
  • Step-By-Step Guide: Build a 24 Core Titan: Custom PC #198
  • Graphics Cards: Give Your PC a Gaming Turbo Boost: Custom PC #199
  • CPU Clash: Custom PC #200
  • Build a PS993 (~$1,288) Gaming PC: Custom PC #201

Lastly, you will need to get the drum rolls ready for this one. For only €12.51, you will get all the bundle contents! Let’s be fair, this is the best deal you could ever wish for. Buckle up for the last items:

  • 20% off anything in the Raspberry Pi Press store
  • Code the Classics: Volume 1
  • Build Your Own First-Person Shooter in Unity
  • Liberated: Unmasking Atomic Wolf’s dystopian action adventure: Wireframe #37
  • Masterplan: Create robots and just about anything else in Main Assembly: Wireframe #38
  • Hotshot Racing: Fast. Furious. Recapturing the nineties Daytona rush: Wireframe #39
  • Everspace 2: Rockfish Games on its open-world battle beyond the stars: Wireframe #40
  • Endling: Adventuring back from the brink of extinction: Wireframe #41
  • How to Overclock: Custom PC #202
  • Fastest Gaming CPU Ever: Custom PC #203
  • Build a PS699 (~$904) Gaming PC: Custom PC #204
  • Build Your Dream PC: Custom PC #205

Final mentions regarding the Raspberry Pi Press Gaming bundle

Following the previous Humble Book Bundle: Raspberry Pi‘s success back in July 2020, when there were more than 19.000 bundles sold raising over €200.000, the Raspberry Pi Press Gaming Bundle is expected to have a similar or even better final results.

This bundle is jaw-dropping, to say the least. The amount of useful information you can get for only €13 is astounding. Let’s face it, people do love playing games on their PC (and not only). But many of us also do want to know how things work. This bundle includes everything you could ever need. Also, these pro tips on how to build an amazing gaming PC are to die for!

Furthermore, remember that you are also performing an act of kindness upon making a purchase. Humble Bundle has a database of thousands of charities, and any product bought from their site helps different causes! The Raspberry Pi Press Gaming bundle is supporting the Raspberry Pi Foundation! So, go ahead and get yourself this amazing bundle only at Humble Bundle! Don’t forget, it’s a limited time offer, so hurry up!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip. By using this link to buy this bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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