Humble Software Bundle: Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special Bundle

This deal is heaven for any music producer or aspiring artist! The Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle has prepared an absolutely huge collection of beat samples, loops, vocals and more for you to try out and use when creating your new musical masterpiece! This is probably a once in a lifetime chance, as you’re getting immense value for a small investment. And it will all be even more worth it when you will finally be able to piece together the perfect music or audio for your projects, regardless from what they will be oriented towards. We would dare to go on a limb here and state that this deal is music to a creator’s ears!

The time is running by fast, so make sure you lock in this deal before it goes away for good!

Find the right tune for your musical projects!

Follow your artistic endeavors and tune in to this incredible software deal! Thanks to the Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle, you can be the happy owner of over 15.000 loops, one-shots and more! Of course, all of these files and samples are Royalty Free, so you can safely use them in your projects without worrying about any copyright infringements. Your journey as an artist is just starting, so enjoy the ride and make your life much easier by adding this huge library to your toolkit. After all, there are 3 individually priced tiers available for you to choose from, so you’re in full control of how much money will be spent!

No need to stall any longer, so let’s get the contents going! For the first tier and its 3 items to be yours, you need to pay the incredibly low amount of €1.01! You will receive:

⦁ Tech-House
⦁ Synthwave Bliss 2
⦁ Hip Hop Lounge Saxes

There’s a lot more where those came from, so aim for the second tier! This one will bring you 6 more items if you raise the bar to more than the average – at the time of writing – of €22.08, as follows:

⦁ Modern Minimal House Sample Pack
⦁ Latin Summer Vol. 1
⦁ Future Rave Anthems
⦁ Tom Ferry – UK House
⦁ Calculate Vol. 1
⦁ Field of Dreams

Last, but definitely not least, this is your shot at locking in the full Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle collection! Therefore, if you decide to spend at least 25.37 for this deal, you will receive all previously enlisted contents, plus the next 45 items. Make sure you don’t pass up on the chance to unlock the following:

⦁ Rhythmic Foley
⦁ Arcade Pop
⦁ Synthwave Pop
⦁ Heatwave
⦁ Tech Trance Anthems
⦁ Synthwave Anthems 2
⦁ South Korean Pop Vol. 2
⦁ Sound Of Future Rave Superpack
⦁ Pure
⦁ Psytrance City
⦁ No Time Vol. 1
⦁ Lofi & Chill
⦁ Late Night Jazz
⦁ Festival Anthems Vol. 1
⦁ Dark Realm
⦁ Middle Eastern Cinema
⦁ Summer House
⦁ Tech House
⦁ Cimmerius
⦁ Essence of Analogue Vol. 3: Ambient Odyssey
⦁ Chill Trap & Melodic RnB
⦁ Essence of Analogue Vol. 2: Cinematic Synthwave
⦁ Burn a Boy Vol 1
⦁ Epic Cinematic Anthems 2
⦁ Bootyton
⦁ Darksynth & Cyberpunk
⦁ Bliss: Atmospheric Vocals
⦁ Cinematic The Dragon Queen Special Edition
⦁ Nu Disco Pop
⦁ Bliss 2: Atmospheric Vocals
⦁ Symphonic Series Vol 6: Dark Fairy Tales
⦁ Acoustic Funk
⦁ Epic Cinematic Anthems
⦁ 80s Retro Pop Vol 3
⦁ Disco Pimp
⦁ Cinematic Flight Of The Eagle
⦁ 3-AM
⦁ Essence of Analogue Vol. 1: House
⦁ Cinematic The Sorceress Special Edition
⦁ The Ride
⦁ Guitar Pop
⦁ Future Pop
⦁ Call My Name
⦁ Future Bass Essentials Vol 1

Add tons of assets to your creative toolkit with the Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle!

Let your inner artist take the spotlight with the help of this incredible software deal! The Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle has everything you need and more to get working on those sounds and audio files that you’ve been putting off! After all, there’s no time like the present to make all the needed adjustments that will ensure you a place of honor in the music industry. This deal is absolutely unmissable, as you will receive items that are worth over €1.600 for such a small investment! So go ahead and check out the Mega Music Maker – Black Friday Special bundle and other amazing deals, only at Humble Bundle.

To make this deal even better, along with getting yourself the perfect tools to get your artistic voice going, you will also be performing a charitable act! That is possible as Humble Bundle has partnered up with thousands of charities that they support with each purchase from their platform. Upon purchasing this bundle, you will be aiding the Alzheimer’s Research UK and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) charities.

Impact the world around you by contributing to charity and lock in an amazing library of sounds!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip, while also allowing you to adjust your donation, so that you are in full control of where your money goes. By using the links in this article to make purchases from Humble Bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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