Humble Holiday in Space Bundle

Humble Bundle returns with another incredible indie games deal! The Humble Holiday in Space Bundle has prepared 8 amazing indie titles just for you. After all, what could go wrong with spending your holidays in space? Especially if it’s all done from the comfort and warmth of your home. You simply cannot go wrong with this one! Also, as the time is limited, make sure you don’t miss out on it!

Explore space with these indie games!

Make this season even jollier with these games!

Enjoy yet another games bundle from no other platform than Humble Bundle! These titles will be by your side during the holiday season. You will have a very good selection to choose from. Therefore, why not make yourself this gift? You deserve it! There will be four tiers filled with fun for you to check out in the Humble Holiday in Space Bundle. Have otherworldly experiences with these titles at a very low price! The more you pay the more games you will unlock. After all, that’s what the tier system is for!

Let’s proceed to the actual contents, shall we? For the first tier you will have to pay the bare minimum amount of €1! You will unlock the first two titles, both compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well! Without further ado, the games are:

  • Tacoma
  • Space Run

Following up, take a look at what the second tier has prepared! For this one to be unlocked, you will have to pay more than the average price of €6.59! This will grant you three more games to enjoy, all Windows compatible. Additionally, one of them is playable on Mac OS and Linux as well! You will receive:

  • Rover Mechanic Simulator
  • Siege of Centauri
  • Deep Sky Derelicts

Furthermore, the third tier is not lowering the stakes! You will have to raise the bet to €8.23 or more in order to unlock one more game. This title is Windows compatible:

  • AVICII Invector

Lastly, don’t miss out on the chance to grab the whole deal at the lowest price! Therefore, in order to unlock all games the Humble Holiday in Space Bundle has to offer, you will have to pay €11.55 or more! The contents of this last tier are playable on Windows:

  • Breathedge
  • Moons of Madness

Enjoy amazing indie games with the Humble Holiday in Space Bundle!

It’s the holiday season again! For us, gamers, the best gift always comes in the shape of video games. So why not treat yourself to the Humble Holiday in Space Bundle? You will end up saving a lot of money in the process as well. So why not seize the opportunity to grab some great indie games to expand your collection? All the titles received extremely positive ratings from the Steam community. Therefore it is safe to assume you’re in for a treat! So check out the Humble Holiday in Space Bundle and other amazing deals, only at Humble Bundle.

Additionally, you will not only receive great games, but you will also support charity in the process! That is possible as Humble Bundle has partnered up with thousands of charities that they support with each purchase from their platform. Upon purchasing this bundle you will show your support towards the Stack-Up and GlobalGiving charities!

Update your Steam Library and support good causes!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip. By using the links in this article to make purchases from Humble Bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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