Humble Choice October 2020

With their usual perfect timing, Humble Bundle has delivered the Humble Choice October 2020! Like every other month, you get to pick from 12 different awesome titles. Of course, finders keepers, therefore the games you will pick will be yours to play any time you want! To make things even better, you will get an extra special deal that will be more of a reason to subscribe.

Subscribe and get dozens of amazing games!

What games are on this month’s rotation?

Normally, you get to pick up to 9 games out of the monthly rotation that will be yours to keep. The amount of picks you get will depend on your subscription plan, of course. The Humble Choice October 2020 comes with 3 plans to choose from, but we will talk about those later on.

We need to take a look at probably the most important part of the Humble Choice October 2020. Yes, you guessed it, we will take a look at the titles! The feedback for these games is insanely positive. We are sure you heard of at least one of these, so you know giving them a try will be worth it! Keep yourself entertained with:

  • Tropico 6 – El Prez Edition
  • Autonauts
  • The Sunless Bundle
  • Shadows: Awakening
  • Fae Tactics
  • Fantasy Blacksmith
  • The Suicide of Rachel Foster
  • The Uncertain: Last Quiet Day
  • Basement
  • Lightmatter
  • Iron Danger

Additionally, we would like to point out the system compatibilities for these games. The great news is that all of them are playable on Windows! Also, 4 of them are compatible with Mac OS and 3 even with Linux operated devices!

The Subscription plans and the special offer!

October is a great month to subscribe to the Humble Bundle platform, given this special offer! This is available for anyone who will become a subscriber before the 6th of November, so pay close attention. For the Humble Choice October 2020, if you will opt for a Basic or Premium subscription, you will get to keep all the games mentioned above!

You will be presented a new rotation of games every month that you will get to choose from. Based on your subscription plan, you will get to unlock a certain amount of games. Additionally, you will gain access to the Humble Trove, so you can download and play games any time you want!

The subscription plans are as follows:

  • Lite ( €4.49/mo )
    • You will gain access to the Humble Trove
    • Get up to 10% off purchases in the Humble Store
  • Basic ( €13.99/mo )
    • You get to pick 3 games monthly
    • You will gain access to the Humble Trove
    • Gain up to 10% off purchases in the Humble Store
  • Premium ( €17.99/mo )
    • You will pick 9 games every month
    • Gain access to the Humble Trove
    • Get up to 20% off purchases in the Humble Store

If you prefer to do so, you can opt for an annual subscription plan. You will save even more money with this payment method! If you would like to learn more about this, click here to visit Humble Bundle.

In addition, during the Humble Choice October 2020 offer availability, that means until the 6th of November, Humble Bundle also reduced the price of the premium subscription to only €10.67/mo! And it gets even better for you. If you subscribe this month, you will lock in $12/month for a whole year! A very small price to pay for great games every month! So go ahead and become a Humble Choice subscriber today, Right Here!

Final mentions regarding the Humble Choice October 2020

We don’t think anyone needs any more convincing. No subscription deal could ever get any better than this! You will be making a smart investment in order to get amazing games and not overpay for them. This platform has delivered quality for the best prices on a consistent basis. No wonder they have such a large community! Humble Bundle has everything you want and need, and even more!

Lastly, just like with any other purchase from this platform, by subscribing to the Humble Choice October 2020 you will be giving back! That is ensured by Humble Bundle’s continuous work with thousands of charities they choose to support. Also, different bundles or games feature different charities, or you can pick your own from their database. For this month’s Humble Choice, you will show support towards the charity: water foundation!

There is no better time to get the best games for the best prices! We already subscribed, and can’t get enough of Humble Choice ever since! Check out Humble Bundle and convince yourself, if we haven’t already done that. What are you waiting for? Grab that Humble Choice October 2020 now!

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