Humble Book Bundle: Programming for Makers

Another interesting Book Bundle has just launched at Humble Bundle. The pack highlights 28 books by Make: and a $15 off Make: Magazine Print Subscription at a normal total price of $455.

Grab the book bundle at Humble Bundle for as low as €0.89

Bundle Contents By Tiers

The contents of the bundle are split over 4 price tiers. All tiers contain at least 6 books each.

Tier 1, which is available when paying €0.89 and up features:

  • Making Makers: Kids, Tools, and the Future of Innovation
  • Getting Started with MakerBot
  • Getting Started with littleBits
  • Make: Getting Started with Adafruit FLORA
  • Make: Forrest Mims’ Science Experiments
  • $15 off Make: Magazine Print Subscription

The 2nd tier is available when paying €7 or more and it comes with:

  • Make: Tech DIY
  • Jumpstarting the Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • Getting Started with
  • Jumpstarting JavaScript
  • Getting Started with p5.js
  • Jumpstarting C ( Humble Exclusive )
  • Make: AVR Programming

If you want to pay €13.50 or more you will also unlock tier 3:

  • Make an Arduino-Controlled Robot
  • Make: Environmental Monitoring with Arduino
  • Make: Easy 1+2+3 Projects
  • Make: Basic Arduino Projects
  • Make: Arduino Bots and Gadgets
  • Make a Mind-Controlled Arduino Robot
  • Make: Lego and Arduino Projects
  • Make: Learn Electronics with Arduino

Finally, the top tier is available when you decide to pay more than €17.99. Doing so will unlock the following books:

  • Make: Getting Started with Processing, 2nd Edition
  • Linux for Makers
  • Make: Raspberry Pi and AVR Projects
  • Making Things Talk, 3rd Edition
  • Making Things Smart
  • Make: JavaScript Robotics
  • Getting Started with Sensors
  • Jumpstarting Your Own PCB Boards

Why should you buy this bundle?

One of the very nice things about this bundle is that all the eBooks come in the following formats: PDF, MOBI and ePub. That means you can read them on your computer, all sorts of mobile devices or e-readers.

Furthermore, in case you are not already a part of Humble Choice, every purchase of this bundle comes with 10% off your first month’s subscription fee. Speaking of which, I believe this is a great time to sign up for the Humble Choice Premium plan because it comes with a staggering 40% OFF ( for new subscribers ) for a limited time.

Every purchase of the bundle will support MakerEd ( mission: harness the potential of making to transform teaching and learning )

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