DIG Weekly Bundle 224 by DailyIndieGame Bundles

DailyIndieGame recently launched the DIG Weekly Bundle 224. It features 9 DLCs for Steam games, for the low cost of $0.75. The total retail price is $23.91, therefore saving you 97% off!

Grab the bundle here!

Bundle Contents

The DLCs are for indie games launched fairly recent, between 2018 and this year. As a side note, the bundle does not include the base games, therefore you need to purchase that before being able to use the DLC.

For the most part, the games did not get enough reviews to work up a rating. Despite that, the ones that did were well rated by the Steam community!

Here are the contents of this bundle:

  • Monster Girl Sketch Vol.02A
  • Monster Girl Sketch Vol.02B
  • Hellscape: Two Brothers Original Soundtrack
  • Dead Ground – Soundtrack
  • Kontrakt OST
  • RUN! GRANDPA! RUN! Soundtrack
  • The Hero OST
  • Cube XL – Unused Soundtrack
  • My Desktop Alive – Aesthetic

Further, we will look at the game tags. On one hand, there is a lot of Action and Adventure, even Gore and Violent content. On the other hand, you will also find tags such as Casual, Cartoony, Puzzle and Strategy. Therefore, it contains a balanced mix of everything. So go ahead and give both the DLCs and the base games a try!

A very important mention is that 2 of the games contain Sexual Content and Nudity. Therefore, viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Why should you buy the DIG Weekly Bundle 224?

As usual, the contents are Steam redeemable and available for Windows. In addition, 2 of the base games are also available for Linux operated devices!

As previously mentioned, the bundle does not include the base games as well. If you wish, you can purchase those and give these DLCs a try! Or, if you already own the base games, make the best out of the experience and add some great DLCs!

You can purchase this bundle here!

Moreover, DailyIndieGame redirected 50% of their shares towards the World Health Organization COVID-19 Response Fund. Therefore, every purchase will bring your contribution to the cause! Also, if you would like to donate more than the bundle price, those funds will be fully redirected.

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