DIG Weekly Bundle 221 by DailyIndieGame Bundles

The DIG Weekly Bundle 221 arrived at DailyIndieGame. As usual, it features 9 Steam redeemable games, for the low price of $1.49. By choosing this bundle you will save up to 94% off your normal investment!

The game bundle can be purchased here!

Bundle Contents

This selection consists of indie games released between 2017 and 2019. Despite the fact that 4 of the games don’t have a rating yet, the rest of them are overall well rated by the Steam community. Given that, we believe this bundle would be a good pick for you!

Here is what you will receive from this bundle:

  • Bomb Royale
  • Rainyday
  • Pichon
  • Space Force
  • Unfinished Battle
  • 30km survival zone: Chernobyl
  • Forgotten
  • Terro Lunkka Adventures
  • Brutal Runner

Moving on, we will take a look at the game tags. They range from Casual, Strategy and Racing, all the way up to Gore, Violent and Horror. Therefore, given the variety of genres, we think this bundle will suit your taste!

Why should you buy the DIG Weekly Bundle 221?

As we have come to know, all games are redeemable on Steam and available worldwide. Furthermore, they are all playable on Windows, and one is also compatible with Linux operated devices.

An important mention is that DailyIndieGame also offers discounts for some of the individual games. So, whether you choose to buy the bundle or only some of the games, you’re still getting a good deal! Plus, given the fact that they received a good rating, they would be a great addition to your Steam collection!

Get the complete bundle here!

In addition, with every bundle purchase you are supporting the World Health Organization in their fight against COVID-19. Since DailyIndieGame is redirecting 50% of their shares towards this cause, you will bring your much needed contribution! Moreover, if you would like to donate more than the bundle price, those funds will be fully redirected.

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