DIG Weekly Bundle 214 by DailyIndieGame Bundles

DailyIndieGame has returned with DIG Weekly Bundle 214, featuring 9 Steam indie games, for as little as $1.49. By purchasing this bundle, you save up to 96% off the normal sale price for the individual games!

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Bundle Contents

The DIG Weekly Bundle 214 contains games launched in the last 3 years. Overall, they all managed to gain positive ratings from the Steam community, thus making them a good addition to your indie games collection.

Here is what this bundle has to offer you :

  • Cowboy’s Adventure
  • mr.Vegan
  • Thunder Paw
  • Round Ways
  • The Searchers of Legends : Origin
  • Defence to death
  • Save Daddy Trump
  • Shadow Council: The Puppeteers

The game tags are pretty mixed, ranging from Casual, Strategy and Adventure, up to Action, Horror and Dystopian. As this bundle contains a little bit of multiple different genres, we believe this would be a great way for you to venture into the indie world and discover more sorts of games! 

Why should you buy the DIG Weekly Bundle 214?

As previously noted, all games are Steam redeemable, and playable on Windows. In addition to that, 2 of them are also available on Mac OS, and one is compatible with Linux operated devices.

Furthermore, given the mixture of genres, this bundle makes the perfect opportunity for you to expand your Steam library collection!

Contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by buying this bundle!

It is important to point out that every bundle purchase from DailyIndieGame will bring your contribution to the fight against COVID-19, as the store is redirecting 50% of their shares towards this cause, with the mention that every buyer can also choose to donate more than just the bundle price. Your support is very much appreciated!

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