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The DIG LIMITED Bundle is brought to you by DailyIndieGame and it features 9 Steam games, worth a total of $47.92. Thanks to this bundle, you can now get them for only $1.49 and save 97% of your normal investment!

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Bundle Contents

This DailyIndieGame bundle consists of recently launched games, as well as 4 games that go way back, one of them being launched in 1998. Therefore, we could say this bundle is meant to take us on a journey of gaming along the years.

Also, the Steam Community rating for these games are mainly positive and up, making this selection a fit addition to your Steam Library.

Here is a list of the games you will receive from this bundle :

  • Earth 2150 Trilogy – SOLD OUT!
  • Apothecarium: The Renaissance of Evil – Premium Edition
  • RoBoRumble – SOLD OUT!
  • Racing angle
  • Sex with Hand
  • Moss Destruction – SOLD OUT!
  • World War II: Panzer Claws
  • Endless Space – SOLD OUT!

New additions 27 Jul 2020

  • Abalone
  • 3SwitcheD
  • Defence War
  • RX Squad
  • Enclave

The tags for these games range from Simulation and Racing to Casual and Strategy. The tag that sticks out the most along these games is Strategy, so it should be safe to assume that this bundle is aiming to be more of a “food for your brain” kind of collection. So get ready to challenge yourself with this one!

Why should you buy the DIG LIMITED Bundle?

All of the games previously mentioned are redeemable on Steam worldwide, and they are all playable on Windows. Another bright side is that, except for 3 games, the rest of the bundle is also available for Mac OS. In addition to that, 2 of them are playable on Linux operated devices.

Furthermore, given the selection of classical to recently launched games, this bundle would be the perfect way to expand your Steam indie games collection and throwing some classics in the mix!

Contribute to the fight against COVID-19 by buying this bundle!

It is important to point out that for every purchase you make on DailyIndieGame, you are supporting the World Health Organization in their fight against COVID-19, as the store is redirecting 50% of their shares and any other donations coming from gamers on this website towards this cause.

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