Humble Software Bundle: Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle

In our time and age, security is a must-know in order to protect our data from possible attacks. The Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle has gathered a large collection of courses that will help you get a better understanding of security concepts and best practices! As the saying goes, better safe than sorry, so it’s never too late to learn how to improve your development skills in the area of cyber security.

Lock in this software bundle before the time runs out on it!

Get your cyber security knowledge in check with these courses!

You can now make sure that there will be no more security vulnerabilities that would pose a threat to your work! With the Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle, you will get both perspectives, as you will learn how to protect yourself and fight off attacks, but also how the attackers operate. This 20 item collection has all the information that you need in order to improve your knowledge in this field! You have 3 tiers to choose from, but keep in mind that there is no such thing as “too much knowledge”, so consider that when deciding up to which tier you’re willing to go!

Get ready to dive in deep into the world of cyber security! In order to unlock the first 4 courses of this deal, you only need to spend as little as €1! The contents are:

⦁ Cyber Security Careers for IT Professionals
⦁ Security Awareness: Phishing – How Hackers Get Your Secrets
⦁ Security Management: A Case Study
⦁ Cyber Security Essentials: Your Role in Protecting the Company

Following up, you can get 6 more items from the second tier! In order to do so, you have to pay more than the average cost – at the time of writing – of €21.31 and you will also receive the following:

⦁ Threat Intelligence: Cyber Threats and Kill Chain Methodology
⦁ Splunk Enterprise Security: Big Picture
⦁ Security Awareness: Basic Concepts and Terminology
⦁ Operationalizing Cyber Threat Intel: Pivoting & Hunting
⦁ Linux Host Security
⦁ Cloud Security: Introduction to Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP(r))

This is your chance to grab the full collection included in the Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle! In order to receive all the contents enlisted above, plus 10 more items, you need to raise the bar to at least €21.59! The investment is very much worth it, so make sure you don’t miss out on:

⦁ Cisco CyberOps: Security Monitoring
⦁ Microsoft 365 Security: Threat Protection Implementation and Management
⦁ AWS Cloud Security Best Practices
⦁ Incident Detection and Investigation with QRadar
⦁ Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities for CompTIA Security+
⦁ Security for Hackers and Developers: Overview
⦁ Security Compliance: The Big Picture
⦁ Security in the Cloud
⦁ Hack Yourself First: How to go on the Cyber-Offense
⦁ Microsoft Azure Security and Privacy Concepts

Keep your software safe and secured with the Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle!

Hacking is a phenomenon occurring at a large scale, as most aspects in our lives revolve around technology nowadays. The Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle is here to help you give your users a safe experience, while also keeping your software secure from possible malicious attacks! It’s about time you take that burden off your chest and rest peacefully, knowing that there are no threats that could jeopardize your work! So go check out the Cyber Security for Hackers and Developers Bundle and other amazing deals, only at Humble Bundle.

You will also be doing a humanitarian act along with getting your cyber security knowledge on point! That is possible as Humble Bundle has partnered up with thousands of charities that they support with each purchase from their platform. Upon purchasing this bundle, you will support Girls Who Code, and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals charities! If you prefer to do so, instead of the latter you can pick a different one from Humble Bundle’s database, or support the charity that we suggested, Heart of Romania’s Children Foundation.

Keep your cyber security skills up to date while also supporting good causes!

It is important to mention that Humble Bundle allows you to choose how your money gets split between the publishers, charities or the Humble Tip. By using the links in this article to make purchases from Humble Bundle, you will also be able to support Bundle Scan. Thank you very much for doing so!

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